About Content Managed Sites

About Content Managed Sites

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There are still a surprising number of people who don’t have a site that they can update themselves. Clearly for the bigger companies, this is essential, however is it necessary for smaller businesses? I frequently collaborate with other specialists when developing websites and here are a couple of the many sound reasons we can think of:

Google likes sites that change regularly with good quality content,

if you need help with creating the content, just ask.

The elusive impression on the front page of a Google or Bing search, particularly if you are looking to get searched via competitive keywords is much more likely to happen if you are updating your site with quality content via a regularly updatable section on your site that is related to your industry. It calls for some investment in time on your part but if you can make a habit of it, the rewards could be worthwhile.

If the content is well written, then it is more likely to be shared around the web. If your site is linked to by others, then search engines will view your site as having good value content which will almost certainly push you higher up their rankings. Tell people about what you have written too. If its good reading then people will almost certainly want to share it.

If you are hosting an event at your place of business for example write about it and post your links on the social media networks like twitter and facebook. Perhaps you are launching a new product or service too.

Businesses change almost weekly sometimes

If you cant reach your web designer because he or she is too busy and the change you need to make to your site is just a sentence or two, then road blocks like that can be irritating. For a web site I built last year for a customer who runs a nursery selling plants, the opening times of the centre change from season to season and for my client to be able to change these times on her own is invaluable.

Creating a Content Managed Site

Be wary of online services that claim to get you up and running with your own website in minutes. If you are computer literate, some services such as Squarespace can be just fine if you are prepared to spend the time researching how to set them up. However, they clearly can’t create the content and structure of your site which reflects your brand for you. If you want anything beyond  a basic web presence, we recommend a ready made template website theme using our favourite content management system, WordPress as a minimum which we can implement for you.

We use WordPress to create sites that can be content managed by you if you wish. WordPress is a powerful platform which is very extensible should your needs alter over time.You will need a design for starters that is appropriate to your needs be it corporate or cutting edge, trendy or somewhere in between.

If you have a tired old site or no website at all then we may just be able to help you.

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