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About Me

About Me

Ok, I admit I have never been a drummer leading brave soldiers into battle with musket balls whistling past my ears. I do however have a passion for all things graphic design, illustration and web design related. If you enjoy and understand the value of carefully crafted, clear presentation that communicates its intentions in an effective way and you need some help with a related project, then I would love to hear from you.

From Past to Present

I completed a degree in graphic design specialising in illustration at the University of Central Lancashire in England way back in 1998. I specialised in oil paintings and city scapes.

My drawing and painting passions, developed from childhood eventually led to me getting a job in a marketing agency, firstly as an illustrator, I then moved on to creative artwork role there with occasional illustration work when required.

I took on graphic design jobs over time as this was an area I became interested in. The challenge of creating a compelling visual identity, well balanced layout and type, engaging messages, and a suitable tone of voice for a print design or more recently the web is a process I really enjoy. Its all in the execution as a colleague said to me some time back. I use my illustration skills when the job requires it too and I would love to illustrate more in the future.

I continue to enjoy learning new skills for my own benefit and for personal projects and have recently completed several simple animation projects using Adobe After Effects.

My Skills

Layout, Typography, Colour Theory, Research, Communication, Print & Finish Techniques, Retouching, Illustration, Copywriting, User Interface Design, Marketing Communications, Brand Development, Front End Web Development, WordPress Theming, SEO

My Services

Graphic Design and Creative Artwork
  • Digital and printed advertisements
  • Brochures and Reports
  • Mailers
  • Catalogues
  • Infographics
  • Logos and brand identities
  • Icons and Illustrations

Computer generated illustration and hand drawn marker visuals.

Digital Design

I have developed several responsive websites built using the WordPress platform. This site was built using the WordPress platform by me. Although not a full time coder, I have experience in this area which is useful when creating UX design.

Here are the specific kinds of jobs that I have worked on:

  • Web design artwork files to hand off to a front end developer for coding.
  • Smaller websites and web site maintenance for both small and big businesses.
  • Email newsletters with simple animated gifs.

My Working Tools

I can work with you to create illustrations using paints, magic markers or the computer. The software I have used for illustrating is mostly Adobe Illustrator and occasionally, Photoshop and Corel Painter. I currently use a Wacom Intuos drawing tablet for Adobe Illustrator vector illustrations

I produce layouts and artwork for digital and printed purposes using an extensive knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite, in particular Adobe Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. I supply accurate, bullet proof artwork that printers will be able to use effectively.

Other Facts

When I’m not working, I’m happy to be playing guitar and singing in local folk music clubs with others or solo. I’m a finger style guitarist and like to spend time learning fancy guitar picking instrumentals, originally played by legendary musicians from the American deep south. Pay a visit over to my music page if you feel like listening to some country blues covers!

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