Questions that people ask me sometimes


What exactly do you sell?

I have diverse experience in the areas of graphic design, creative artwork and illustration. If you need to communicate with a target audience using impactful illustrative images or an engaging and compelling, visual and written message in printed and digital form that gets noticed, then I am here to help you.

Why should I hire you?

As someone who has worked in the design industry since 1998, I have built up a wealth of experience. Please don’t under estimate the hugely positive impact that thoughtful graphic design and illustration can have on your overall visual communication.

How much do you charge?

This is a hard question to answer without having an understanding of the scope of the job. Price factors are based on the size of business, how complex the job is and how the end product will be used.

Do you charge hourly or by project?

I can charge hourly or daily in the case of an ongoing project where the scope is not determined. This is typically how larger design companies who use me as hired help have dealt with this matter in the past as they get projects in on an ad hoc basis.

For business owners who I have work with directly in the past, I generally give an estimate at the outset of the job. If the scope of the job changes, e.g. it becomes a four page leaflet instead of a two page one with added complexity, then there would be an additional charge on top of the original estimate. We sign a written agreement and then once the paperwork is out of the way, the fun part of designing and/or illustrating can begin.

Can you do me some sample illustrations or design layouts?

I am happy to do some exploratory illustrations or layouts for you to see if we are the right fit. Its completely understandable. The collaborative approach is the key. Once we hopefully decide we are a good fit we can work whatever way suits us best.

I am thinking about hiring you, whats the first step?

Please get in touch via my contact form or call on 07973 396796. We can set up a time to chat through your aspirations and needs.

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