Questions that people ask me sometimes


What exactly do you sell?

I sell my knowledge and practical experience in the areas of graphic design, creative artwork, illustration and web site design and development. You may be a studio manager in a design agency, an individual who owns a businesses or a marketing director who works for the marketing department of a bigger business. Whatever your background, if you need to communicate to a target audience using a combination of effective layout, accurate, creative artwork, well chosen words and impactful imagery then I’m here to help you.

I have significant experience in creating illustrations and layouts in both print and digital form that get your messages noticed. My technical knowledge means that I’m not exclusively an ideas person, the initial concepts can be turned into cost effective printed material and bespoke digital design.

I have some fancy graphics packages on my computer. Why should I hire you when I could do my own designs to promote my business?

It is best to get someone in who has experience with the design process and how to get your message across. Poorly executed graphic design can hinder or even damage your business.

Someone who has practiced and learned the lessons about executing great layouts, aesthetics, marketing, colour theory, print production, digital design and more could be a really valuable resource for your business.

The dividends that stem from good design and content is measureable. For example, Google analytics can give you good feedback on how well your website is working after a redesign.

Can you work remotely?

No problem. I have completed many jobs working on my own equipment in my own office and can log into my work server at any time if there is the need.

What kind of illustrations have you done?

I have experience in character design, food and architectural illustration using both the computer and traditional media. I also have significant experience producing magic marker visuals rapidly. My skills have come in useful in the past for media companies who need to sell ideas and concepts visually. If you need the services of a well practiced illustrator, I’m here to help too.

My illustration skills help to create such things as well designed icons, infographics, and cartoons  which will help digital and print presentations communicate more effectively. These skills have proved useful in graphic design work produced for past clients.

How much do you charge for a website, illustration, brand identity or a nice glossy brochure?

Before I can give a price estimate, we will need to work together to establish answers and get direction regarding several issues. These are as follows:


The scope of the job or specification. This is an assessment of your needs from the project.


If the finished item is a logo/branding design or a complex illustration, how will the finished artwork be used? What usage rights (if applicable) will you need? How many copies will be required if the job is being printed? What is the nature and size of your business?


With complex, larger, bespoke website jobs or longer brochures, I give an estimate at the beginning of the job based on the specification agreed. I then track my hours on the job using computer software and keep you in the loop regularly regarding time spent and whether we are both on track to meet the estimate.

Specification Changes

If there are any unseen changes to the specification which may be requested as the job develops, these may be chargable depending on how much of an impact they have on the estimated time. Usually, requests for additional artwork above and beyond that already agreed in the scope phase in a brochure or additional features to a website will incur these charges.

Want an estimate? Please get in touch.

How does the design process work?

Exploration phase

The initial step where I ask you questions about the aspirations you have for your project

I offer a free, one hour consultation on all projects where we can assess how we can work with each other and what we want to achieve.

Website Design

I may ask you to fill in a short questionnaire or ask you to describe your project. This will be a good basis for our initial discussion.


If you are an art director hiring me as an illustrator, we will want to discuss specifically how the illustration will work. Points of discussion could be the illustration’s intended atmosphere and style and content.

A Design Roadmap

There are lots of things to find out about in the initial exploration phase. You may have some vague ideas of what you would like to achieve with your project and thats fine. My goal is to help you realise an idea that will distill the essential parts of your business. If you already have an existing project, e.g. an existing website or brochure that could use a redesign, then we can identify areas to rework on that too.


When is it needed for?

You may wish to have a website or printed design quickly, and with minimum fuss, for example these items may be wanted for a trade show. I will let you know if your expectations are practical and we can usually come to a compromise if time is tight.

Brochures and Catalogues

For larger projects that we work on like brochures and catalogues or larger websites, I believe it is a good idea, where possible to break it down into chunks and create a timescale or schedule. At these milestones, we are able to raise any concerns about how the project is running and address those problems. I would usually ask for interim payments to be made at these points in time.

Ideas Phase

Illustrations, branding and logo development

I throw all the ideas on the table, everything from obvious solutions, to off the wall ideas. At this point, I will tend to edit many of the ideas myself discarding the ones that aren’t working.


The client and I will work out a site map which is a tree like structure showing how the pages will connect together. Features that the website needs will be discussed here and its a good idea to review these frequently.

We will want to consider the look and feel of the site. Mood boards can be useful and I ask clients to provide examples of sites they have seen which they like.

Presenting the concept

Illustrations, graphic designs and branding or logo development

Pencil sketches of how logos could be treated can work quite well initially, its usually helpful to jump from there on to the computer to demonstrate ideas.

Illustrations can be presented in pencil form so any amendments can be taken care of before the artwork is begun.


I will wire frame the important web pages to give us a good understanding of the layout of the pages and will mock up how one or two of the pages will look, just as a flat file.

Its not particularly beneficial, in my view to mock up every single page before going off to make the site work on the web.


Illustrations, logos and one off designs such as posters

The artwork is revised following a discussion with the client. The client will sign off the revisions and overall concepts.

A note about artwork production. Supplying reasonably accurate information on time

Excessive amendments to content already supplied will slow the progress of a big job like the art working of a brochure or catalogue down to a crawl. This could lead to a knock on effect, for example missing a printing slot for a large print run.

Of course, amendments will be required. Printed documents with a lot of content contain a great deal of information and it is inevitable that changes will be needed as the job progresses. Some flexibility is required.

If you are a big organisation then its a good idea to discuss a strategy for dealing with amendments. Tight and honest communication between all those involved in the project is the key to dealing with these potentially stressful, amendment bottlenecks. Key delivery dates for content can help.

Being involved in the production of a printed job with a great deal of content, can be an enjoyable one if handled with some care and respect for others!

Final Product

Logos, Illustrations, Posters

Production of the final piece.

Website Design

Developing the website.

Is there an agreement for us to sign?

Yes, its a good idea to know what both parties are agreeing to do in writing before getting underway with any design and production. Much of what has been discussed here in this Frequently Asked Questions section will apply within the agreement or terms of engagement. Of course, the agreement can be altered if the requirements of the job change, however this could have an impact on the price.

How do you accept payment?

With most projects where I have not done business with the company before I request a 30% downpayment prior to scheduling the work. This is payable by via bank transfer (other options considered upon request). The remaining 70% is payable upon completion of the project, prior to supply of original artwork.

If the project is very lengthy in nature, then I will usually ask for interim payments to be made and initial payments can be adjusted accordingly.

I’m thinking about using your services, can you provide me with some ideas for free first?

I can offer a free, initial consultation. However, work beyond that period would be chargeable.

I have also provided a wide variety of work samples in my portfolio. You should be able to get a good sense of my capabilities there.

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