Fire Service

Fire Service

Between 2010 and 2011, there were approximately 40,000 road accidents in Manchester and many of these unfortunately involved fatalities. Research has shown that many accidents behind the wheel are caused by distractions within the car. Working with other fire safety officers at the Greater Manchester Fire Service headquarters, we devised a campaign to help the general public become more aware of these dangers and my role was to come up with creative ideas to support this.

The eventual solution seen here and designed, produced and art-worked by myself was a leaflet and pull up exhibition banners for use at fire station open days and road shows. These tell a hard hitting story of how road accidents can be caused by simple distractions such as children wanting attention, applying makeup, mobile phones going off and smoking or eating while driving. TheseĀ are all illustrated in the front cover photo and the headline.

The campaign was rolled out by many fire officers across the Greater Manchester area at various fire service demonstrations in public gatherings, shows and at fire station open days.

Stripes Used

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