JT Fitness

JT Fitness

JT Fitness is a start up personal training company and I was approached to provide a strong brand presence in what is an increasingly popular market.
The defining attributes of the JT Fitness brand are listed below and were used as a basis for the tone of voice when creating the branding.

1) A home business
2) A personal one to one service.
3) All levels of fitness encouraged
4) Energy
5) Strength
6) Time optimised
7) Providing motivation

Logo Development
I experimented with the word marks over half a day trying out different wording, font pairing and layout possibilities. The business owner chose one from the final few that I presented.

Identifying marks
This was a symbol developed that alludes to being stretched physically to gain fitness and also vaguely resembles a heart beat. We wanted to move away from the obvious symbols like icons of weights.

Brand guidelines
To preserve the integrity of the brand in the near future, I put together some brand guidelines to ensure that the visual consistency can be maintained if it was handed over to a web developer or another designer.

I have developed some leaflets and business cards so far. More to come hopefully including some motion graphics!

Stripes Used

  • Brand identity
  • Design
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